30,000 Muslim students clear engineering, medical entrance in Andhra Pradesh

By Mohammed Siddique, TwoCircles.net

Hyderabad: Most interesting aspect of the results of this year’ common entrance test for admission in engineering and medical courses in Andhara Pradesh is that about 30,000 minority students have emerged successful in both the streams.

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Syed Allauddin from Hyderabad has managed to secure the second top rank in the entrance test for engineering stream, there were scores of other Muslim students who have also passed with good ranks. Details of the ranks will be available in the due process.

Abdul Aamir Khan of MS Education Center has secured 128th rank in engineering stream. 25 Muslim boys and girls have secured ranks in less than 3000 from the same Muslim managed institutions. Four non Muslim girls have also secured good ranks from this college.

A total of 20060 minority students appeared in the Eamcet for engineering stream out of which 15419 passed. Thus 76.94 percent minority students cleared the test. Similarly in the medical stream 6630 Muslim students appeared in the test and 5156 cleared it. Their pass percentage was 84.60%.

Going by the past experience more than 20,000 Muslim students can get the admission in engineering colleges both on the basis of ranks and under the 4% quota.

Meanwhile there was an air of festivity at the home of Syed Allauddin, who secured second highest rank in engineering entrance test. Allauddin who was tied with GG Krishnamurthy on top in Eamcet as both of them secured 153 marks each, could secure second rank on the basis of 25% weightage to the marks secured in the Intermediate or Plus Two examination.

A strange aspect of this year’s results of EAMCET for the common entrance test for medical and engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh is that at least 35000 students who cleared this difficult test failed in the basic qualifying exam of Intermediate or Plus two.

Of the 272086 students who passed the Eamcet in engineering stream, 28671 failed to pass the Intermediate exam which is a basic qualifying exam for the admission in to Entrance.

Similarly in the medical stream while 60351 students passed Eamcet, 6465 of them could not clear the Intermediate examination. Thus almost 35000 students who have passed Eamcet will not be eligible for admission in to the engineering and medical colleges.

This simply these students had worked harder on the Eamcet than on the basic junior college examination.

Interestingly the total number of students eligible for admission in to the engineering colleges will now come down to around 243000, round about equal to the number of engineering seats available in the state.