Kerala: One arrested for the murder of Masjid Committee official

By Najiya O.,

Cochi: The police arrested a youth in relation with the murder of the Secretary of Kundamangalam Masjid Committee in Calicut district. Varittyaakk Kodampaattil Anoop (30) was arrested today afternoon at around 2 pm.

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Seethikoya Haji, Secretary of Kundamangalam Masjid Committee, was stabbed to death on Sunday, early in the morning in the masjid compound, when he was coming for Fajr prayer.

The weapon used for the murder was recovered by the police at a river in nearby Chethukadavu around 4 pm. Anoop showed them the place where he had thrown the weapon away after committing the crime.

Here is the police version regarding the murder: Anoop was an introvert, who always felt anger towards the society. He always used to be in his house, going out only very rarely. Seethikoya Haji, being the Secretary of the Masjid Committee, helped a lot of people including some who Anoop had regarded as his enemies. All his anger towards the society turned towards Haji. Anoop lived a few houses away from Haji’s house.

On the day of murder, Anoop followed Haji early in the morning. He had to hide at the gate since there were some vehicles on the road. He stabbed Haji using a koduval (chopper) and ran away. He went to the river in nearby Chethukadavu, washed his hands in the river and threw his weapon in a bush there. He then returned to his home.

The police were helped by the newspapermen and milkmen who had seen Anoop in the road at dawn. Anoop is already an accused in a similar case of stabbing which took place some months ago.