Majlis speaker: Stop Zionist regime’s further adventurism


Tehran : Speaker of Iran’s Majlis Ali Larijani stressed on Tuesday that the Zionist regime should be prevented of further adventurism.

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The speaker briefed reporters on the latest news about the upcoming international conference on Palestine which is to be held in Tehran on March 4-5 with the participation of some 80 delegations.

The conference is organized and hosted by the Majlis.

Larijani said that the issue of Palestine is a matter which should be considered from the Arabic, Islamic and Humanitarian point of views.

Referring to the present sensitivity shown to the issue of Palestine both at the regional and international levels, Larijani said that many scholars from non-Muslim countries including thinkers from Western and Latin American states are to take part in the two-day conference.

Larijani stressed that the major issue to be discussed in the conference would be the current situation in the Gaza Strip after the 22-day savage attacks by the Zionist troops on the besieged region.

He added that finding effective ways to provide necessary aid for Gazans was another major issue to be discussed in the conference.

The speaker said that Egypt which was also invited to the conference is to attend the event by a parliamentary delegation.

During the Zionist regime’s carnage in Gaza, Egypt was under severe fire by regional and international public opinion for its support for the Zionist regime as Cairo had rejected to reopen the border crossings to Gaza, the Rafah border crossing in particular.

Closure of the gates to the Gaza Strip faced the relief operations with difficulties during the Zionist regime’s massacre in the territory which is under Tel Aviv’s long blockade since June 2007.