US, India for global efforts to prevent Mumbai type attacks


Washington : The US and India are agreed on the need for global counter-terrorism efforts to try to prevent Mumbai type of terror attacks, blamed on Pakistan-based terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let), from happening again

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“The subject of the Mumbai attacks did come up” in Monday’s meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon, State Department spokesman Robert Wood told reporters Tuesday.

“I think the way they discussed the issue was the fact that we’ve got to do what we can to try to prevent these types of attacks from happening again,” he said. “And I think you can view it in the overall level of cooperation that both the United States and India are involved in.”

“And I think it shows that this is an issue that is not just an issue for the US and India; it’s really a global – it requires a global effort to counter terrorism in the region.” Wood said.

Earlier, before the Clinton-Menon meeting Monday, the spokesman said US wants Pakistan to do more to bring those responsible for the Nov 26 terrorist attacks to justice.

“Overall our assessment has been that Pakistan has been providing some helpful information, but clearly, you know, more can be done,” he said. “And what’s critical here is that we do everything in our power to try to bring the folks who are responsible for those attacks to justice.”