Tamil leader jailed under tough law for pro-LTTE speeches


Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) : Nanjil Sampath, MDMK propaganda secretary and an open supporter of the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), was Sunday charged under the National Security Act a day before he was to be released from jail, the police said.

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According to police sources, Sampath was due to be released from detention Monday on the directions of a judicial magistrate of Tirupur but was served with fresh detention orders Sunday morning.

Sampath is the third prominent personality to be jailed for pro-LTTE stance in the last 15 days under the National Security Act. People booked under the act are jailed for a year without bail.

Tamil movie director Seeman and politician Kolathur Mani were detained on the same charges Feb 18 and March 11 respectively.

The police said the three leaders in their speeches called for an armed rebellion within Tamil Nadu to help establish a separate Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi had warned pro-LTTE elements that the NSA would be invoked against all anti-national politicians.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Karunanidhi Sunday ruled out jettisoning the VCK from the Democratic Progressive Alliance, the umbrella coalition led by ruling DMK that includes the Congress.

“The policies of the VCK and the DMK for a casteless egalitarian society are the same and therefore such a step (removing VCK from the alliance) is not under consideration now,” Karunanidhi said.

VCK cadres, condemning the central government’s alleged collaboration with Sri Lanka in its military push against LTTE, had assaulted Congress workers at their state headquarters here late last year.

Congress leaders had expressed opposition to the continuance of VCK in the alliance.

On Jan 19, nine cadres of the VCK were jailed under the National Security Act for burning government-owned buses to express solidarity with the Tamils in Sri Lanka.