Ratan Tata plans Nano launch in Europe, US


Mumbai : Already making waves worldwide even before its low-priced car Nano hits the Indian roads, Tata Motors is contemplating a launch of the family car for the European and US markets, according to company chairman Ratan Tata.

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However, Tata categorically said, there were no plans currently for entering the vast Chinese market. “At the moment, we are entirely concentrating on the Indian market. We already have our hands full with it,” he said.

Announcing the commercial launch here Monday, Tata said the company plans to launch a European version of the Nano by 2011.

“It would not be a $2,000 or $3,000 vehicle, but it will encompass all the features required as per European regulations and by the customers like protective airbags,” he said.

It would also have a more powerful engine and comply with all the emission norms applicable in Europe, Tata added.

Responding to a query by a Japanese journalist, Tata said Nano was likely to be introduced in another three to four years (by 2012) in the US.

“Given the present indications, we plan to further develop the European model for the US markets, like providing a better crash protection system,” Tata said.

Company managing director Ravi Kant said the Tata Nano Europa, showcased during the 79th Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, was intended for a future launch in select international markets.

Earlier, in his opening remarks at the formal launch of Nano at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, Tata said: “We have kept our promise.”

Giving full credit to the Tata Motors team for making a reality that was once believed impossible, he added: “We are delighted to present the Tata Nano to India and the world.”

According to the head of the $62.5-billion Tata group, the Nano represented the spirit of breaking conventional barriers – with the car having overcome several challenges right from the drawing board to its commercial launch.

“Today, in all humility, I would like to say that we are overwhelmed by the response to the Nano. We wanted to give the family a means of good, safe transportation at an affordable price, we never looked upon it as achieving some kind of engineering feat,” Tata declared.