Civil liberty group condemns killing of Naxalites in “encounters” in Andhra

By News Desk,

Hyderabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has condemned the killing of two Naxalite leaders in an “encounter” in Warrangal district, and asserted that such types of killings will not solve the problem “but definitely increase bloodshed in the state.

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CLMC has alleged that Andhra Pradesh police are working in an inhuman manner to “kill and get promotion “and they killed these “two Naxalite leaders for the sake of rewards and awards.”

The group rejected the police claim that it was an encounter, and said: “it is nothing but cold-blooded murder by the death squad of Andhra police.”

“This encounter killing clearly indicates that Mr Rajshekhar Reddy led Congress government will continue its policies of impunity and will work as per the direction of Police, and state will be remain a police state,” Lateef Mohd Khan, General Secretary of CLMC said.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court recently passed an order whereby encounters will be taken as a murder case and FIR will be filed against the police officers involved in encounter killings.

CLMC has demanded the government to stop the killings in the name of encounter and take the initiative to solve the problem in a democratic manner.