Muslim NGO to build 1000 homes for Assam riots victims

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: New Delhi-based Muslim NGO Rehab India Foundation is going to build 1000 homes for the homeless riot victims in Assam’s Bongaigaon district. The NGO has purchased 15 acres of land for the project.

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The foundation for the first phase of the project – 200 homes will be built in three months – was laid earlier this month.

Talking to Rehab India Foundation (RIF) Chairman E. Abubacker – who also heads Social Democratic Party of India – said: “The foundation stone for the project of 200 homes was laid on 7th November. By March 2010 we will be completing the first phase of the project. Within five years we will build 1000 homes for the riot victims in Assam.”

Giving more details of the project he said: “In our project area we will also build school, hospital and community centre.”

As result of riots in Bongaigaon thousands of families have been compelled to flee their homes in Assam. Now on the banks of rive or sides of highways they are leading precarious life. They live in huts and find it hard to earn their daily bread. Most of them are the victims of the murderous riots engineered by Bodos in 1994.

The RIF has done a survey of the refugees living in 8 camps in different districts of Assam. The survey identified 24,613 people are living in the refugee camps. The NGO has purchased land in the Hapasara Panchayat of Bongaigaon district. Excluding the land, RIF is going to spend Rs 115 million (US$ 2.3 Million) on the project.

Estimates of the project

1000 homes @ Rs. 1,00,000 each = Rs. 100 million (US$ 2 Million)

100 tube wells @ Rs. 10,000 each = Rs. 1 million (US$ 20000)

School Building @ Rs 600 per sq. ft for 5000 sq ft = Rs. 3 million (US$ 60000)

Furniture/computers etc. = Rs 0.5 million (US$ 10000)

Community centre @ Rs 1000 sq. ft for 5000 sq. ft = Rs. 6 million (US$ 1.2 Million)

Mosque @ Rs. 1000 sq. ft for 4500 sq. ft = Rs. 4.5 million (US Dollars 90000)