Pakistan: Operation successfully completed

    By NNN-APP,

    Islamabad : The search and clearance operation to locate and eliminate terrorists holding 42 persons hostage, holed up in security office of General Headquarter, was successfully completed on Sunday. Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Athar Abbas told media-persons that 39 hostages were freed safely in two phased operation launched at dawn.

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    A total of nine terrorists were killed while their leader Aqeel alias Dr Usman was captured in injured condition.

    Three hostages also embraced shahadat, while 5 others sustained injuries as result of firing by their captors.

    Twenty seven hostages were released in first phase and four terrorists were killed by the valiant commandos of the Pakistan Army. While 12 others were rescued in the second phase, also leading to the arrest of terrorists leader, he added.

    A total of nine personnel, six on Saturday and three on Sunday, including two officers embraced shahadat during the episode. The Shaheed officers included Brig. Anwar and Lt. Col. Waseem Ahmed.

    The terrorists were carrying arms and explosive devices, including suicide jackets, grenades, Improvised Explosive Devices, detonators and other explosive material.

    The early Sunday operation lasted for about 45 minutes resulting in death of four terrorists, with the foremost aim to target those two wearing suicide jackets.

    Terrorists’ leader Aqeel alias Dr. Usman who somehow managed to escape during the first phase of operation was traced and arrested in the second phase from the adjacent offices of the security building.

    DG ISPR told media that in the second phase terrorist Aqeel was successfully overpowered within few minutes and remaining 12 hostages were also safely rescued from the clutches of the terrorists.

    Terrorist commander, Aqeel alias Dr. Usman is allegedly the mastermind of terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricket team.

    The hostages had been shifted to safer places and were in good health conditions while those injured were accordingly removed to CMH , he added.

    He said the combing and search of security office of General Headquarters, where the militants made hostage to the security personnel was over.

    He said that there had been no senior officer among the hostages and the majority of hostages comprised army personnel and civilian servants.

    Earlier, on Saturday six Army personnel embraced shahadat while five others were injured when the terrorists were challenged by the security staff at the checkpost on the Mall Road near GHQ.

    The episode unfolded that at about 11.30 a.m, 9 culprits, riding a suzuki van, started firing at the personnel deputed at the barriers and also hurled hand grenades.

    The injured were rushed to hospital as the security officials tried to secure the safe release of security-men who had been taken hostage by those assailants who survived the counter firing by the security guards.

    They tried to enter the building while storming a checkpost No.2 near GHQ after initially facing resistance at checkpost No.1 where all the casualties occurred, he said.

    He said all terrorists were dressed up in camouflage uniform and had been riding a Suzuki van bearing fake army number plate, attacked the checkpost No. 1.

    Later, they headed towards Checkpost No. 2 where they were again intercepted by security forces.