Honduran negotiators reach agreement to restore Zelaya


Tegucigalpa : The dialogue commission established for resolving the political crisis in Honduras reached an agreement Wednesday which includes the restoration of power for the ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Xinhua reported.

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The commission, consisting of representatives of both Zelaya and post-coup de facto president Roberto Micheletti, agreed on a document to restore Zelaya’s presidency. The deposed leader is currently taking refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa.

The interior minister of Zelaya’s cabinet, Victor Meza, told the press: “We have agreed (on) the document, which now will be taken to president Manuel Zelaya and Mr. Roberto Micheletti for them to analyse.” It is up to the two leaders to decide whether to approve or reject it, said Meza.

Meza added that both delegations had agreed on the text but refused to reveal the details, saying that the negotiators wanted to “keep it in discretion till directly knowing ” what Zelaya and Micheletti thought about it.

To the moment it is unknown when Zelaya’s restoration could take place, but the negotiators from both sides found the document “acceptable” and saw it as a “door to find the exit,” said Meza.

Meanwhile, one of the negotiators of the de facto government, Vilma Morales, said that there is a consensus “on a single document,” but the negotiators will continue with their dialogue after a break of a few hours.

The de facto government’s representatives are Armando Aguilar Curz, businessman Arturo Corrales, and Vilma Morales.

Zelaya’s representatives include his Labour Minister Mayra Mejia, Interior Minister Victor Meza, and his advisor Rodil Rivera.