Pakistan forms volunteer student task force to counter terrorism


Islamabad : Federal Minister for Interior, Senator A. Rehman Malik announced to launch a “Volunteer Student Task Force” with a slogan of “Terrorism Free Pakistan”.

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Such volunteers would be required to register in their respective police stations. Besides a three-day orientation training would be given to them in their respective educational institutions which will be followed by grant of an appropriate certificate.

Interior Minister announced this while chairing meeting held to review security of Islamabad in Ministry of Interior here Saturday.

Meanwhile, he also announced reward of Rs. 500,000/- to any citizen who provides a video or photograph captured by video equipment or cellular phones which may lead to arrest or detection of any act of terror or heinous crime.

Terming this incentive as “National Volunteer Video Policing”, he added that such persons eligible for reward will also be offered a job in the local police or FIA. He will also be given preference if he has applied or applies for any government job.

Malik expressed satisfaction upon the recent operations by Islamabad police in which they had intercepted number of potential terrorists before they could commit the act of terrorism.

He directed that all the security elements deployed at Islamabad should remain vigilant and launch community policing by maintaining close liaison with the local populace.

Officials were also asked to ensure that their security concerns are addressed and the police benefits from their cooperation in nabbing the suspects.

He thanked the public for extending their cooperation by providing voluntary information regarding suspects due to which evil designs of terrorists were successfully foiled.

He cautioned the public that they should remain alert and immediately report any suspicious activity to the police.

Citing some recent incidents in which miscreants had hired houses, he reiterated the need for the owners for reporting to the nearest Police Stations about the tenants of respective property so that no miscreant should be able to deceive the owner and use his property for terrorism.

In a separate meeting chaired by him while reviewing the finalization of Explosive Rules 1940, he granted his approval for the revised draft and directed that Explosive Substance Act be reviewed and stringent measures including criminal liability against the violators of Explosive Rules be added.

He directed that FIA schedule be also amended so as to also deal with such violators.