Police unveil security plans for Commonwealth Games


New Delhi : Delhi will have exclusive lanes for vehicles, four-layered security check at venues, experts to battle chemical or biological weapons as well as helicopter surveillance during the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi Police announced Monday.

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“There would be an exclusive lane for Games vehicles. Any vehicle infringing on that lane would be impounded,” Special Commissioner Neeraj Kumar told reporters here.

Kumar said that to avoid incidents like in Lahore where the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by terrorists, police had worked out routes for Games participants — and even the alternative routes.

“Along the routes there will be anti-sabotage teams, Quick Response Teams (QRT), commandos, ambulances, uniformed personnel and snipers on rooftops. Buses carrying athletes will have armed personnel… besides armed escort vehicles,” Kumar added.

Kumar also revealed the security arrangements at the Commonwealth Games village.

The security apparatus would include three-meter perimeter wall along with 1.5 metre iron grills, CCTV surveillance, Quick Response Teams and teams to battle chemical, biological and radiological explosives.

The police have also made hi-tech arrangements to check human traffic into the Games village.

“At first level, radio frequency identification, under vehicle scanner and boom barrier would be there. But if someone, somehow breaks that barrier, there will be ‘tyre killers’. And if someone crosses even that, then there will be a road blocker,” Kumar said.

People who enter the games village will be subjected to check by door frame metal detectors and hand held metal detectors as well as X-ray scanners.

Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal was confident that the Games would go on without glitches and promised a “foolproof security plan”.

“Delhi has successfully organised various international meets… We organised the Olympic Torch Relay without any disruption though we have a large Tibetan population. We hope to repeat that,” Dadwal said.

“Not only games but we are looking at the security of the city holistically. We are working in close coordination with various agencies. We have a foolproof security plan in place,” he said.