Get data on politicians from Telgi’s laptop, apex court urged


New Delhi : An advocate Monday moved the Supreme Court for its direction to the CBI to probe the incriminating information the laptop of convicted fake stamp paper scam kingpin Abdul Karim Telgi contains reportedly against several top Maharashtra politicians.

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The lawsuit was filed by Delhi-based advocate Ajay Kumar Agrawal. On his public interest lawsuit in 2004 the apex court had assigned the probe into the circulation of fake stamp papers and securities instruments worth millions of rupees all over India.

In his fresh lawsuit, Agrawal pointed out that before the case was transferred to the CBI in July 2004, it was being investigated by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Maharashtra police which had confiscated Telgi’s laptop in July 2003 during a raid at his residence in Colaba, Mumbai.

The laptop was subsequently sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Hyderabad for examination of its contents and the entries made in it, said Agrawal.

He added that during proceedings in a Mumbai trial court, the SIT had produced a printout taken from that laptop.

Agrawal said the printout detailed facts like how many fake stamp papers were printed and circulated in the market. It also had details of the money paid by Telgi to some key Maharashtra politicians.

Agrawal maintained that as long as the apex court monitored the CBI’s probe, the investigation agency did its job promptly. But ever since the apex court stopped its monitoring, the CBI had become lax in its investigation – to the extent that it never procured Telgi’s laptop from Hyderabad FSL or analysed its incriminating contents.