Jammu and Kashmir scribe visited LeT headquarters: Police


Jammu : A Jammu and Kashmir journalist, who was arrested Oct 25 on charges of working as a spy for Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), had visited the Lashkar-e-Taiba headquarters during his visit to Pakistan in 2006, according to police.

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Police sources here said Farooq Ganie, who runs a news agency called NAK or News Agency of Kashmir, revealed during questioning that he had visited the Muridke headquarters of the LeT in Pakistan and had met several militant leaders there.

This has alarmed security and intelligence agencies. They are going to further question him about his visit and the brief that he had received from the militant leaders. It is uncertain though if he had met Hafiz Sayeed, the de-facto head of LeT, police sources told IANS.

Ganie has been sent for questioning to the Joint Interrogation Centre (JIC), where a combined unit of the security and intelligence agencies interrogates suspects.

It is the first time that a scribe based in Jammu and Kashmir had access to the highly secretive headquarters of the LeT, the militant outfit that is responsible for several attacks in India, including the devastating 26/11 terrorist assault in Mumbai.

Ganie was arrested Oct 25, after the police which was keeping tabs on him for his suspicious activities, got a clue that he was sending sensitive information about military formations and projects to Pakistan’s ISI through the internet.

Ganie would download the information and maps into his draft folders which were then accessed by ISI men since they had his password, the sources said.