Justice against India’s Hitler

By Abdul Hannan

Slaughter of Muslims in India is not new. They have suffered during the long freedom struggle against the British occupation. They have suffered during partition of India and they continued to suffer in numerous anti-Muslim riots after the independence.

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But Holocaust of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 was very tragic, painful and very different. This is a genocide that involved cadres of all wings of Hindutva forces to carry out what they want against particular community under the supervision of state administrations and with the protection of police force. Women and girls raped, torched, their stomach pierced and brunt alive in brood daylight. All boundaries of humanity crossed there, even humanity puts down its head in shame. The land of Gujarat was thirsty for Muslim blood at that time. The victims and the survivors of this Holocaust are still living in panic and are spending their day and night fearful.
These incidents happened in a democratic country and in a democratic state where role of ordinary people are believed to be strength of polity and power of the country. Justice was denied to them. Jails have been packed up with innocent Muslim youths. POTA placed against them. All roads to get justice and relief had been closed on them. They had no way out but to languish in Jails or rotten on the edge of roads or on the edge of holes. Interestingly, that those who rubbed out in pre-planned bloodshed, those who jailed for the attacks on Muslims, were also Muslims and those who encountered for allegedly trying to kill Modi were also Muslims.

The organizers of mobs, leaders of the mobs and players of conspiracies not touched at that time and they are still free because they are from nationalist forces, hence Indian laws and Indian rules are not applied against them.

After this Holocaust and massacre in brood daylight and before the media, a series of picking up Muslim youths began, every day a new story and a new encounter. Thanks to Indian judiciary which exposed the real truth behind these encounters and after the fake encounter of Sohrabudding Shaikh and murder of his wife, declared it that the encounter of Ishrat Jahan and three other youths were also fake. These fake encounters show that how Modi administration and how Gujarat communalized police targeted Muslims particularly to create them fear and panic.

Modi justified Gujarat Holocaust and created the atmosphere where perpetrators and attackers given clean chit and provided them the ways to escape from the arrest of laws. Those who supported Modi’s Hindutva agenda promoted and granted best positions in the government.

Modi can’t deny his role in 2002 genocide against a particular community in Gujarat. He was the then chief Minister and now he is on same post. He has the knowledge very carefully and he has the information that how conspiracies carried out to eject Muslims from the land of Gujarat. Who is the mastermind behind these episodes?
How is it possible that a mob assembles on any crossroad, destroys houses, torches people, rapes women and girls, burns alive the youths and olds, on the other hand, police, administration and chief Minister all are unaware of such incident taking place in the state.

Modi is India’s Hitler, because only Hitler can’t feel the pain and soreness of the people who lost their beloved once and saw a disastrous moment when their daughters and wives raped before their eyes and brutally killed.

In these horrific years, Modi spoke on various issues. He moved to every Indian city to ask the people for votes, but he is unapologetic over Gujarat 2002 Holocaust. He neither expressed any remorse nor showed a willingness to bring stern punishment to those who took part in this Holocaust, nor resigned from Chief Ministerialship. By his actions and by his statements, he tried to say that what had happened with Muslims in 2002 was the correct answer.

Human Rights organizations, NGOs, Media personals, Apex court and various other secular leaders lashed out Modi and slammed his administration to take not any action against the culprits. The findings of Human Rights organizations confirm Modi’s involvement in 2002 pogrom.

Modi in those days didn’t try to save public lives but his administration and communalized police in the state freed many culprits who were arrested in riot charges due to lack of evidence.

This Holocaust was not the work of only one person or the work of only one organization. It was pre-planed and carried out with the assistance of from the state. During the Holocaust police and administration were not in their professional work. The rioters were allowed to end their work in given time. After blooded Holi in the state, police and administration came into work to provide assistance and safe passages to the rioters and to the perpetrators with tempering the proofs and with damaging the evidences.

Modi’s government, which should be kicked out from the power as soon as possible to get back the confidence of ordinary people on law and orders, is a blot on a democratic and in a republic.

Leaving Modi free over Post-Godhra Holocaust is injustice with those who became escape goat of Hindutva ideology in Gujarat and an open joke with the victims who survived from the tragic situation which was a Qayamat for them in 2002.

Latest exposure in Ishrat Jahan encounter case reveals fetid face of Gujarat administration and once again puts Modi’s role in doubt over butchering of innocent Muslim youths in riots and in fake encounters.

Punishing Modi is debt on Indian democratic country, and justice will not prevails until Modi gets harsh punishment on what he did with the Muslims in Gujarat. He not only failed in protecting the publics of his state but also tainted Muslim community in the eyes of other communities in the country.

I have full faith on Indian judiciary which always appears a big obstacle in Hindutva ways and its judgments proved many times that despite all efforts of separatism forces to bring India on the track built on religious and caste systems, it will not leave India’s Hitler freely in the days to come and he can’t escape from its grip, but when it will happen we should have the patience and to wait for the day when Indian judiciary will announce its judgment against this India’s Hitler.