Indian schools allowed to expand operation in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi : Indian and other foreign curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi will be allowed to expand operations under a new plan aimed at improving standard of private school education in the country.

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“ADEC is working to enhance the private education sector by improving standards while maintaining reasonable fees and increasing capacity for our multicultural communities. We are committed to ensure that every child of school age has access to an affordable and high quality education,” said Mugheer Khamis Al-Khaili, Director General of ADEC.

As part of its 10-Year Strategic Plan, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has plans to deal with the shortage of accommodation and to create world-class academic environments for each student in Abu Dhabi, Al-Khaili said.

The Council underlined the needs of investment in private education sector “with a specific focus on those schools delivering international curricula serving specific population groups”.

It will provision land for setting up new private schools to address the growing demand for space and to ensure that families in Abu Dhabi do not have to deal with capacity shortage for the coming Indian school year, WAM news agency reported.

The ADEC will also take measures such as increasing number of seats in schools, utilisation of government buildings and lowering fees as part of the plan.

The council has already agreed to extend operation of an Indian curriculum school in Abu Dhabi for coming school year, which will allow additional 150 children to get admission in Kindergarten.

Earlier, the school was asked to shift to other place as part of ADEC’s phased villa closure plan, but it will now be able to continue operation in Abu Dhabi until the end of March 2011 to help ease the capacity demands of the coming Indian school year.

“I am heartened by ADEC’s commitment to facilitate a solution for the Indian community by building non-profit sharing schools in Abu Dhabi. The education and future of our children is a primary objective and I will continue to work with my fellow business leaders to find a way forward,” said B.R. Shetty, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Indian Schools.