Sohrabuddin case: Why Andhra police role not being probed?

By TCN News,

Hyderabad: Why isn’t the role of Andhra Pradesh police being probed in the Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bi murder case? There is strong nexus between Hyderabad and Gujarat Police and politicians of the ruling parties in the two states. Facts should be brought before people, demanded a civil rights group based in Hyderabad in an open letter to state chief minister.

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“We are writing you this open letter about the murder of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bibi and the involvement of Hyderabad police because the matter has reached at its highest level and role of Hyderabad police in killing Sohrabuddin is exposed. We demand to investigate this case and to take action against the police officers involved in the murder conspiracy of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bibi,” said Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee in the letter to AP chief minister.

The murder of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bi is nothing but the contract killing sponsored by marble mafia with the help police and politicians of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat Police along with Hyderabad police played a game to eliminate Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bi.

“The whole conspiracy was prepared at Hyderabad itself. At that time the then commissioner of police said that he provided ‘logistic help’ to the Gujarat police. Therefore, we want to know how the Hyderabad police extended ‘logistic support’ to them without the knowledge of their political bosses or the government of Andhra Pradesh led by the Congress party, the Chief Minister of which was Mr. Rajshekhar Reddy. In the name of ‘logistic support’ the Hyderabad police actually provided accommodation to the killer gang of Gujarat police in Police Officers Mess, provided the services of Counter Intelligence, Task Force and Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Hyderabad; the police officers belong to the different sections of police departments, they conducted many meetings with the Gujarat police to prepare the conspiracy of murder. In the name of ‘logistic support’ they provided the vehicles and fake number plates. They then followed the sangeeta travels bus from Nampally, Hyderabad in which Sohrabuddin and his wife were travelling. In the name of ‘logistic support’ Hyderabad police blocked the traffic on Hyderabad-Bombay highway near Tandola village and stopped the bus and kidnapped Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bibi. Then they forced them in a vehicle of which the number plate was of Andhra Pradesh,” alleged the group.

On this encounter killing, Ms. Geeta Johri, an IPS officer of Gujarat CID conducted an enquiry, she visited number of times to Hyderabad to interrogate the Hyderabad police officers mainly the then Additional Commissioner of Police Mr. Rajiv Trivedi, an IPS who was the incharge of all those departments such as Counter Intelligence, Task Force, SIT who provided all the help and support in the name of ‘logistic help’ to Gujarat police. There are other officers also whom she interrogated. Ms. Geeta Johri submitted the report in the Ahmedabad court in which she mentioned names of seven police officers of Hyderabad who are involved in this killing. She also mentioned in the charge sheet that these seven police officers are absconding. Rajiv Trivedi, Radhakrishnan and L.K Shinde were shown as witness in charge sheet.

Now that the Supreme Court has seriously reacted on this charge sheet and ordered for CBI enquiry on the Sohrabuddin murder case to expose the hidden facts in which it was specially mentioned as to why the role of Hyderabad police was not mentioned in the charge sheet.

“Now it is clear that Hyderabad police is equally responsible with Gujarat and Rajasthan police in the murder of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bibi. The fact is that there is no such difference between Gujarat and Hyderabad. In Gujarat, police is targeting Muslims on the instructions of their political bosses and in Hyderabad, government has given free hand to police to suppress the Muslim community or any other people’s movement. Complete impunity exists in the Andhra Pradesh. Government of AP is protecting the guilty police officers and avoiding any investigation against them. It is trying maximum to hide the role of Hyderabad police officers involved and not cooperating with the CBI officers even after instructions from the
Supreme Court.”

“In the year 2007, the then AP Chief Minister Mr. Rajshekhar Reddy had denied the probe by saying that all this is rubbish and the then Home Minister Mr. Jana Reddy said that he does not know anything as it is matter a of past few years, the then Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad admitted that the help was provided by the Hyderabad police and named it as ‘logistic support’. On the other side the Congress government issued the G.O’s to register the cases against the media and Civil Liberties who had actually raised the question on the involvement of AP police in the murder of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bibi. Therefore, the above things show that there is something black in the bottom and the ruling political party of Andhra Pradesh, i.e. Congress party is protecting the facts as well as the people involved. This shows the double standard of the Congress and non-seriousness on the issue of fake encounter and on the right to life.”

“The silence of A.P. Government led by Congress party is a big question mark on free and fair enquiry. The people of this country are eager to know what the present Chief Minister has to say in this regard. The people of this country also want the Chief Minister to act decisively and unequivocally against this crime on Humanity. So, we herewith request you to intervene in this matter for the greater cause of humanity, suspend the police officers who are involved in the murder of Sohrabuddin and others so that they cannot misuse their official position to remove the evidences. It is the responsibility of your government that the facts should be brought before people and extend your cooperation to the CBI to take action against this killer police gang,” the Civil Liberties Committee demanded.