Let market decide on H-1B cap, says US chamber


Washington : The US corporate world has slammed the Congressional cap on H-1B visas and asked the government to allow markets to determine the number of skilled foreign workers, including those from India, eligible to work in the country.

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“America’s greatness rests in its institutions and its historic openness to new people and innovations. Closing the door to highly educated individuals seeking opportunity and who aid the competitiveness of US companies will weaken, not strengthen, our country and will diminish the competitiveness of American employers,” a latest report said.

“The best policy for the US is one that sides with freedom and innovation, not restriction. It is a policy where the H-1B cap is either eliminated or set high enough that we can let the market decide on the number of new skilled foreign nationals who work in America each year,” the report said.

The report titled “Regaining America’s Competitive Advantage: Making our Immigration System Work” has been jointly prepared by US Chamber of Commerce, the top representative body of the American businesses, and American Council on International Personnel, an eminent think-tank.

President Barack Obama Friday signed into law a ‘Border Security Bill’ proposing a hike in H-1B visa fees which is expected to badly hurt Indian IT firms with operations in the US.

“The best policy would ease the way for employers to sponsor high skilled individuals for green cards by exempting from labour certification and current employment-based immigrant quotas many who now languish in 6 to 20 year queues,” the report said.

“Allowing top talent who graduate from US universities to gain a green card directly will help US employers retain the world’s leading future innovators. Keeping the door open for high skilled foreign nationals strengthens America. As is often the case, freedom, not restriction, is the right choice,” it said.