Tight security in place for priceless jewellery expo

By Shilpa Raina, IANS,

Mumbai : Jewellery worth crores of rupees is being exhibited at the five-day India International Jewellery Week here, and to ensure the safety of the priceless items the organisers have deployed armed guards round-the-clock and set up closed-circuit television cameras at the strong room and also carefully tagged each piece.

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According to Sanjay Kothari of the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC) that is hosting the Aug 15-19 event, special measures have been taken to ensure everything is in place.

“We have deployed armed guards right from the lift to the ‘strong room’- a place where designers keep their jewellery. For this room, we have 24X7 vigilant guards and CCTV cameras are also in the room. So we are leaving no room for mistakes,” Kothari told IANS.

“As many designers participating in the event are coming from elsewhere, they feel safe when the jewellery is kept in the strongroom. Security is the top-most concern for us and we have made sure everything is just perfect,” he added.

Jewellery designer Farah Khan, agreeing with Kothari, said: “I didn’t have to worry at all. There was enough security backstage and also there are CCTV cameras. I had my own team of ten people who were dealing with the jewellery. So everything went smooth.”

Farah showcased around 50 pieces of jewellery on stage consisting mainly of pearls, diamonds and rubies, but declined to reveal their worth.

Both designers and organizers are spending a lot of money on the security, but are tight-lipped on the amount.

Khyati Jethanadani of Eekani brand says counting the jewellery items before and after the show is a must.

“It is very important to do the counting of all jewellery items because it gives you a definite figure. Trust is another factor which is very important in this case – as it’s your team which is doing the work of decking up models with exquisite pieces,” said Jethanadani, who showcased around 50 jewellery pieces consisting of diamonds and emeralds.

Abhishek Raniwala, of Kundan Meena Promotion Council, explained the method of slotting – a way of ensuring nothing gets misplaced.

“The event is well organized and safe. The thing here is that slot numbers are given to models. They come dressed and we with our own hands make them wear the jewellery and once the show is over, they come back again with the slot number, and we remove the jewellery,” said Raniwala.

According to Vijay Sandeep of Golecha’s brand, trust is an important factor when it comes to jewellery because crooks know how to steal it even from a safe.

“CCTV cameras are here, security is excellent but trust has to be there. The organizers have made sure that people, whether backstage or with whom we are dealing – are trustworthy. One definitely has to take precautions, but such good arrangements tend to make you a bit casual as well,” said Sandeep, who showcased around 22 jewellery pieces consisting of diamonds and rubies.