No ego, no ill-will to anyone, tweets Shah Rukh


Mumbai: Under attack from the Shiv Sena for his IPL remarks, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said he has the “courage of conviction” by his side and his words were “without ill will” to anyone.

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Shah Rukh, who is courting controversy for favouring Pakistani cricketers’ inclusion in the Indian Premier League (IPL) – a stand which has cast a shadow over the release of his film “My Name Is Khan”, in his tweet has also asked why there should be a demarcation between countries “in fields of art, sports, culture and otherwise normal things?”

“I have no ego or false sense of pride. My words have been benign and without ill will to any person (s) or my nation. I have the courage of conviction by my side. I explain because (it is) better to do that than create aggression and division in my country,” Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter page.

“There are good and bad people in all groups or places. For the acts of bad by some, we cannot generalise on grounds of physical boundaries. We have bad people in India, Pakistan and everywhere else. Nobody, including me, stands by anyone who is bad or resorts to inhuman acts.

“Why should we have this demarcation permeate in fields of art, sports, culture and otherwise normal things? Is that a wrong way to think?”

He said that art and culture should be kept away from politics.

“I think these conspiracy theories on art, sports etc being used to fund untoward activities is completely off the mark. Writing all this so that I know that I haven’t really said anything bad in the last few days to anyone and it is clear now and not muddled.

“Am I getting paranoid of my own words and interviews. My English teacher told me not to write too much… wife says not to say too much.

“Absolutely last thought (In 3 parts of course): (1) appeal to all to understand that Mumbai is the gateway of India to the world. 2. Film industry is India’s cultural ambassador all around the globe. All of us have the responsibility to protect the fair name of Mumbai… 3. Mumbai’s legendary film industry and its spirit of pluralism and tolerance. I do this all around the world and can do so wherever needed.”

Shah Rukh is currently in Berlin along with co-star Kajol and director Karan Johar to attend the screening of “My Name Is Khan” at the Berlin film festival.

“Thanks all around the world for listening to me. I hope it finds its way to goodness of heart in Mumbai. Now better go and do press stuff here (Berlin). Love u all…will meet again. Next time round will be happy I hope and will tell you about the Berlinale. Thanx once again for listening.”

Shah Rukh enjoys a huge fan following in Germany and the tickets of his film “My Name Is Khan” were sold online in just five minutes online. According the festival director, the film is going to be bigger draw here than his last release “Om Shanti Om”.