‘Why should only Muslims prove their innocence?’

Mushtaque Madani is the editor of Urdu fortnightly “Usool” published from Pune. Saif M. talked to him for TwoCircles.net

Who can be behind the blast in Pune?

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People with big agenda, motivation, and ideology who have the proper skills and sufficient training. These people also must have the backing of the system.

Do we have any suspects?

It is someone who has a definite motive and a goal to achieve with these blasts. Muslims happen to be most vulnerable, they are being targeted by the West & are being accused of terrorism.

What is the mood in Pune?

Muslims are comfortable, as they know it is not one of them who is involved. It has been done by the sympathizers of communal forces. City is calm and Muslims are comfortable venturing out.

What should Muslims do in present situation?

It is just not the Muslims, it is the responsibility of entire society. All factors i.e. System, Media (national & local) are against Muslims. Why should only Muslims prove their innocence? Why others are keeping quite? Have they dropped out of heaven?

What should Muslims do to reduce their vulnerability?

Muslims are getting educated and their response is more matured. Shiv Sena tried to drag Muslims indirectly calling them as “deshdrohis.” Process of change has begun and Muslims are more confident now.