Jharkhand governor for zero tolerance to corruption


Ranchi : Jharkhand Governor K. Sankaranarayanan Friday said his government would adopt the policy of zero tolerance towards corruption. He also appealed to the Maoists to give up violence and join the mainstream of society.

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“Corruption will not be tolerated in any way in the state. The vigilance system will further be strengthened so that it can function in a more effective way,” Sankaranarayanan said in his address to the state assembly.

“The government would work with care and promptness and provide a clean, transparent and sensitive administration. The government will work out with the commitment to meet the expectations of the people to provide a society free from fear, hunger and exploitation,” he added.

He said public servants would be made fully accountable for their duties and timely implementation of developmental programmes and schemes.

Appealing to the Maoists to give up violence and join the mainstream of society, the governor said: “Solution of the Maoist problem in the state lies in providing a responsive and accountable administration to the people and implementation of welfare and developmental schemes at ground level and bringing back the alienated youths into the mainstream of development.”

He also unveiled the government policy towards industrialization and displacement.

“The government understands the suffering of the displaced people. The resettlement and rehabilitation policy needs a review to make it favourable for the displaced persons. The government will enable establishment of infrastructures and industries and at the same time, the interest of displaced would be protected. Sincere effort would be made for seeking the cooperation of villagers in land acquisition process,” said the governor.

He also announced withdrawal of cases related to the movement for the separate Jharkhand state, adding that pension schemes will be launched for those who fought for the separate state.