Pakistani Taliban kill 7 ‘U.S. spies’ in tribal region


Islamabad : Pakistani Taliban militants have killed seven men in the country’s North Waziristan tribal regon, accusing them of spying for the United States, locals sources said Sunday.

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The bullet-ridden bodies of the men were found on Sunday in three different areas in North Waziristan, said the sources.

They added that a note in native Pashto language was placed on the bodies, saying that they were working for the United States and spying on “Mujahideen”.

The note added that the men confessed their ‘crime’ and that video on their confession will be released soon.

It also warned those spying on Taliban would have the same fate.

The United States have stepped up drone attacks on the suspected hideouts of the militants in Waziristan region in recent days. According to officials, US drone planes have conducted eight strikes in North Waziristan this month.

Taliban said that US has hired the locals and Afghan nationals to spy on them.

They also alleged that the government authorities also have passed on information to the US for drone strikes, the claim was rejected by the government.

Locals said that the five bodies were found at Sarobi, an area on the main road between Miranshah, the center of North Waziristan and Bannu, a main city near the tribal region.

Two more bodies were laying in Qutab Khel and Khaisoor areas.

According to tribesmen, the slain people were locals and Afghan nationals.