CM’s statement on minority communalism baseless: Aboobaker Musliyar

By Staff Correspondent,

Thiruvananthapuram: The state Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan’s statement that Muslim-Christian communalism was growing in Kerala is baseless, said Kanthapuram AP Aboobaker Musliyar, national general secretary of the All India Sunni Jamiyathul Ulema. Islam has opposed terrorism and communalism strongly. The Muslim community has not worked for communalism. The biggest threat in Kerala is the political murders which make up most of the killings in the state, he added while speaking at the face-to-face programme organized by the Kesari Memorial Trust.

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Kanthapuram said that what the LDF government in Kerala has not done is much more than what it has done. The government has not implemented majority of the suggestions of the Paloli Committee related to the recommendations of the Sachar Committee and filling the backlog as per the Narendran Commission package. Religious scholars will interfere when politicians act against the Constitution and religions. This need not be seen as religious leaders interfering in politics. There would not have been any problem if the Chief Minister had said that casteism and communalism were growing in the state generally. But his words that communalism was growing in the Christian and Muslim communities alone is not right. We have not promised all our support to the LDF. We will support justice. We had opposed the Muslim League as we weren’t given our due rights. Our future dealings with the party will be based on their policies. However, he added that he had no view that the Muslim League was the soul voice of all Muslims.

Kanthapuram opined that the Jamat e Islami and the Solidarity were only paper organizations. He recalled that he had said 30 years ago that the JIH was a political organization. Then their leader had asked them not to vote. Now they are entering the arena of election writing off their leader. The Jamat shouldn’t be allowed in politics. He made it clear that he was against women contesting elections, however would support the good ones if women are contesting. He added that his organization would take the initiative for the unity of Sunnis.

Kanthapuram AP Aboobaker Musliyar is the leader of the AP faction of Sunnis in Kerala. His organisation had supported the LDF most of the times since their formation. The AP sunni group had taken stands against the Muslim League which is supported mainly by the EK sunni groups. However, the organisation’s leader has now mentioned that their support was not promised for the LDF in the coming elections, making it a welcome note for the Muslim League and the UDF. His words that his organisation would take the initiative for the unity of Sunnis has come at a time when there are talks of new efforts for the unity of the sunni groups.