States demand more funds for Anganwadis


New Delhi : With the women and child development ministry pushing for speedy implementation of the Integrated Women and Child Development (ICDS) scheme, the states Wednesday demanded more funds for Anganwadis.

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The demand came up during the two-day meeting of the states with Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath that started Wednesday.

“This is mainly for construction of cemented Anganwadi buildings,” Tirath said.

Anganwadis are government sponsored child and maternity care centres which focus on health and nutrition needs of pregnant women and children till six years of age.

These centres assume greater significance as the work under ICDS, a major scheme focusing on rural women and children, will be done through these centres.

The minister said that the central government was considering their demands.

“There is also demand for increasing the remuneration for Anganwadi workers. We are considering that as well. Last time they got a raise in 2008,” Tirath said.

“The states are particularly enthusiastic about the Anganwadi scheme and many have demanded more centres to be set up,” Tirath said.

The minister added that nutrition was one of the major focus of the meeting.

“States have been told to ensure that nutrition needs of the children and pregnant women are addressed through Anganwadis,” she said.

The minster said that implementation of the ICDS was the main focus of the discussions during the meeting.

“So far, 20 states have signed the memorandum of understanding for implementing the scheme. Other states will sign it in the coming two months,” Women and Child Development, Secretary D.K. Sikri said.