21-year-old is Britain’s youngest doctor

By Venkata Vemuri, IANS,

London : Rachael Faye Hill at 21 will become the youngest doctor in Britain next month, breaking the record of Indian-born Heenal Raichura who finished her degree at St George’s University in London at 22 in 2008.

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Rachael, who will receive her medical degree from Manchester University, told the Daily Mail: “I decided I wanted to be a doctor when I was aged 10. My mum was a vet and I was fascinated by the medical side of it, but I always felt I’d be better suited helping people.”

She was born in Blackpool, but moved to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands with her mother and younger brother when she was eight.

At school, teachers recognised her potential and allowed her to skip school years. As a result, she ended up sitting her GCSEs at 13 and completed her secondary school education at just 15.

She began applying for a course in medicine, but “I didn’t know at the time that you cannot study medicine until you are at least 17”.

So, she moved back to Britain and worked in the health service for a year as an overseas patient officer before reapplying and gaining a place at Manchester University.

After getting her degree, she will begin a two-year rotation at Royal Preston Hospital. And after that she hopes to specialise in paediatrics.

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