Mangalore crash is 11th major air accident of India


New Delhi : The plane crash at the Mangalore airport that killed over 160 people Saturday is the 11th major air accident involving Indian carriers or in the country’s air space since 1962.

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The following is the list of some major air crashes:

– July 7, 1962: Alitalia Flight 771 from Sydney crashed into a hill about 84 km north-east of Mumbai while on approach, killing all 94 people on board.

– Jan 1, 1978: Air India Flight 855 bound for Dubai crashed about 3 km off the coast of Bandra in Mumbai, killing all 213 people on board.

– June 21, 1982: Air India Flight 403 from Kuala Lumpur and Chennai crashed at Sahar International Airport in Mumbai, killing two of 12 crew members and 15 of 99 passengers.

– June 23, 1985: Air India Flight 182 bound from Montreal to Mumbai, via London and Delhi, was blown up over Irish air space, killing all 329 on board.

– Oct 19, 1988: Indian Airlines Flight 113 from Mumbai crashed on its final approach to Ahmedabad airport, killing 130 people.

– Feb 14, 1990: Indian Airlines Flight 605 from Mumbai crashed on its final approach to Bangalore airport, killing 92 people. The crash had 54 survivors.

– Aug 16, 1991: Indian Airlines Flight 257 from Kolkata crashed into a hill, some 40 km south-west of Imphal, killing all 69 occupants.

– April 26, 1993: Indian Airlines Flight 491 on its connecting route from Delhi to Mumbai, with stops at Jaipur and Udaipur, collided with a truck during take off from Aurangabad, killing 63 people. Fifty-five people survived.

– Nov 12, 1996: Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 and Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 crashed mid-air at Charkhi Dadri village near Delhi, killing all 349 people on board on both flights.

– July 17, 2000: Alliance Air flight CD 7412 crashed at Patna Airport killing 60 people.