He died trying to attend his father’s funeral

By Kashif Masood, AIP

Bangalore: 27-year-old Siddique Choorisulaiman was rushing home to Kerala on getting the news about his father’s demise. But what awaited him was death. Siddique was on board the ill-fated Air India Express flight which crashed in Mangalore on Saturday. Tragically, Siddique was scheduled to fly on a different flight but had let his brother go on it instead.

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Abdur Rahman, Siddique’s friend told Agence India Press that, “He has a brother and a sister from Abu Dhabi. They had only one ticket confirmed on a previous flight and gave the ticket to his brother. He told his brother to carry on and that he would take the ticket of other flight in the night,”

Siddique used to live in a tiny room in Dubai’s Deyra Al Ras with three others. He had a small job with a company distributing Chinese made products wholesale. His best friend Siraj remembers him.

“We got a call between 12.15 AM and 12.45 AM on Sunday morning. I told him that I would travel on Tuesday and meet him there directly at night,” Said Siraj.

In his hurry to leave for his father’s funeral, Siddique had left his treasured watch with his friends. Today, his time is past, but the tick from his watch is a constant reminder of a young life tragically cut short.