Microsoft unveils voice activated Xbox Kinect


London : If you are always searching for your remote or running out of batteries, Kinect is just the thing for you as it allows you to play computer games without the handset.

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The device’s camera and infra-red sensor detect arm, leg and body movements, instantly translate these into on-screen action.

With only a little practice, players can enjoy Star Wars light sabre fights by swinging their arms, stroke virtual zoo animals by waving their hands and control a car by leaning left or right, reports the Daily Mail.

The Kinect, which works with the Xbox 360, can even recognise people from their faces, allowing players to continue previously saved games without having to enter their details.

The 129-pound Kinect went on sale in America Wednesday and hits Britain markets next Thursday.

Microsoft hopes the accessory becomes this year’s most popular Christmas gift and is aiming to sell three million sets over the next two months.

The gadget, which resembles the sensor bar used by the rival Nintendo Wii console, is activated by speaking or waving.

“Simply step in front of the sensor – it recognises you, your friends, your family. Start moving and the sensor tracks you. So if you want to kick a football, simply kick it,” said Alex Kipman of Microsoft.

Microsoft hopes the accessory will breath new life into the Xbox which has sold around 45 million consoles, compared to 76 million Nintendo Wiis and 42 million PlayStation 3s. If the gadget is a hit, it could extend the lifespan of the Xbox by four or five years.