Mohd Afzal, Jasmin Banu of TN among AFMI award winners

By Shafee Ahmed Ko,,

Chennai: Mohammed Afzal from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu and S. Jasmin from Tirunelveli in the same state are among those students who will be honored at the XIX Annual Convention of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) to be held in Ahmedabad on Dec. 25-26, 2010.

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Afzal scored 97.91% marks in XII and Jasmin 99.00% marks in X in 2010. An official report from AFMI from Farmington, Michigan says that the, “Indian students continue to break new records in academic achievement”. The AFMI has taken a step forward than its usual convention taking more students, numbering ten instead of its usual convention of five in class X, since the academic excellence is far satisfactory. AFMI also recognizes that the increased number (7) of girls topping the list of ten deserves commendation.

“Apart from the medals each student will receive a cash award and in the case of need would be considered for further scholarships.”

Top three scorers from each state will also get Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

“A recent statistical study by Dr. Zafar Khan (Professor at Eastern Michigan University) also testifies to this fact,the record breaking scores of India’s Muslim students, year after year, reveal that AFMI’s 19 year old awards program has developed a keen sense for academic excellence in the community” the report observes.

The students will be honoured at the XIX Annual Convention of AFMI in Ahmedabad on Dec. 25-26, 2010.

AFMI especially urges the NRIs to attend its annual convention to encourage the budding scholars. “If you plan to attend please email our India office at [email protected]” asks the report.

Toppers List of Std. X of 2010

1. Afshan Tabassum Saiyed D/c. Saiyed Yusuf Maharashtra, Pudad 99.09%

2. S. Jasmin, Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli 99.00%

3. Uruj Fatima New Delhi, Jamia Nagar 95.00%

4. Maaz Ahmed, S/o. Mumtaz Ahmed Juarkhan, Ranchi 95.00%

5. Faizan Ahmed, S/o Md. Maqsood Jharkhand, Ranchi 95.00%

6. Shahana Mol M.S., D/o M.A. Salim Kerala, Perumbavoor 95.00%

7. Aisha Siddiqui, D/o. Imad Siddiqui Madhya Pradesh, Satna 95.00%

8. Areeb Abdur Rahman Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh 95.00%

9. Tanvir Ali Khan, S/o. Liyakat Ali Khan Karnataka, Ramnagara 94.56%

10. Momin Seema Mohd. Said Gujarat, Ahmedabad 94.92%

Toppers List of Std XII of 2010

1. Mohammed Afzal Tamilnadu, Coimbature 97.91%

2. Amber Afshan, D/o. Syed Zabiulla Karnataka, Belur 96.83%

3. Vali Abdulhussain Ali Asghar Maharashtra, Nagpur 96.17%

4. Faraz Khair S/o. Sahidul Khair Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh 96.16%

5. Farooqui Md. Abusaad, Md. Yunusuddin Andhra Pradesh, Nanded 95.60%