Anjuman Islamia Kadru election: Women are not welcome

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Ranchi: It is a special day for the residents of Kadru, a Muslim majority area of Capital city. The reason: the residents of the area are going to elect its representatives for the newly formed Anjuman Islamia.

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The Anjum will take care of the civic issues and other matters of Kadru, which has a population of around twelve thousand. The election was scheduled to take place last Sunday only but postponed due to the Ayodhya verdict.

According to the chief election officer of the Anjuman, Mumtaz Khan, there 41 candidates are in the fray for 19 posts. Around 5 thousand voters have to decide, who will be at the helm of affair.

You must be wondering, why only 5 thousand voters out of a population of 12 thousand? Is there any technical reason as we often witness in our elections?

No, here it is not technical but very simple. Half of the populations— Women are allowed neither to vote nor to contest the election for any post.

When asked, is there any specific reason for this, Mumtaz Khan said, “No”. Mr. Khan was reluctance to answer.

What about including women in the Anjuman at later stage? “There is no plan as such in near future,” he informed TCN.