Utilization of minority development funds less than 40%

By TCN News,

New Delhi: In a shocking but not very surprising news, less than 40% utilization of funds has been reported by six states in Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) for Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs), a development programmes run and supervised by the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MMA).

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This fact came out in a report released by the Ministry about expenditure of funds by Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana and Uttarakhand on MsDP for their 37 MCDs for the period ending 31.8.2010.

Jharkhand is at the top of the list with just 39.91 % utilization of Rs. 44.29 crore, the total amount released to it by the Ministry. Jharkhand has reported utilization of Rs. 17.68 crore till August 2010for its 4 MCDs under MsDP.

In spite of the minority friendly image which Nitish Kumar has managed to create in the media, Bihar has utilized just 38.02 % for its 7 MCDs under the development programme. Out of more than Rs. 140.77 crore given to the state by the MMA, it has reported utilization of Rs. 53.52 crore.

In case of Jammu & Kashmir, where MsDP is being implemented in a lone MCD (Leh), the state has reported utilization of over Rs. 2.16 crore which amounts to 36.16 % utilization of Rs. 5.99 crore, the total amount which the MMA had released to the state.

Assam has utilized Rs. 69.76 out of Rs. 212.89 crore which comes to 32.77 % of the total fund. The state has 13 MCDs – out of which the District Plans of 11 have been approved.

While Uttarakhand has reported 31.22 % utilization, for Haryana utilized 30.64 % of the total funds released to the state by the Ministry of Minority Welfare till August 2010. Both the states have similar number of Minority Concentration Districts (2).

The MMA started Multi-sectoral Development Programme for improving the socio-economic parameters of basic amenities which in turn will make quality of life of the people better and reduce imbalances in the MCDs during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period.

The focus of this programme is on rural and semi-rural areas of the identified 90 MCDs spread across 20 states/UTs.

Better infrastructure for school and secondary education, sanitation, pucca housing, drinking water and electricity supply, besides beneficiary oriented schemes for creating income generating activities come under this programme.

Absolutely critical infrastructure linkages like connecting roads, basic health infrastructure, skill development and marketing facilities required for improving living conditions and income generating activities and catalyzing the growth process are also be eligible for inclusion in the plan.