No pressure on DRDO to match China’s power


Chandigarh : There is no pressure on the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to match China’s military power and equipment, its director general V.K. Saraswat said here.

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“We have never compared ourselves with China. Rather, we always have pressure to excel in our own technologies,” Saraswat told reporters here Saturday.

“India has never been in any number game with any other country. We never see any other country’s defence technologies, and always try to improve on our own existing capabilities and technologies,” he said.

Saraswat, who is also the scientific adviser to the Defence Minister A.K. Antony, was at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory to share the latest research in various defence fields.

“We are mainly focusing on cyber security, space security and low intensity conflict. We are collecting inputs from all our laboratories and are also working in the area of cognitive mapping, a methodology used to know what is behind the enemy’s brain,” Saraswat said.

Saraswat said the new technologies could also help in effectively countering terrorism and Maoism.

“Our laboratory at Pune is developing a technology in which a vehicle will be fitted with sensors to detect an area laid with mines. We would be able to make it within the next 18 months,” he said.

Talking about cyber security, Saraswat said: “Our defence has a foolproof independent network and it is not vulnerable like banking or rail reservation systems. But we are still working to build technologies and hardware that will secure our network from any attack.”