A sincere appeal to voters in Bihar

By TCN News,

Patna: A sincere appeal has been made to voters in Bihar as the state is electing a new government. The people have been urged to take the election as seriously as marriage of their daughters. While electing MLAs people must be as serious as they are when they chose groom for their daughters.

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Delhi-based eminent RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil, who hails from Bihar’s Betiah district that is going to poll tomorrow, has appealed to voters of his native state to enquire thoroughly about the candidates they want to vote for.

“Before voting, we must collect information about the candidate of our choice. We should know if our favorite candidate has ever done a bit for the poor and the society: Has s/he ever raised voice for health facilities for poor? Has s/he ever raised voice against atrocities on the poor and corruption? Has s/he ever come out for dilapidated roads? Has s/he ever talked about pension for the older people, widows and handicapped, and employment for the unemployed?” says Sahil.

“We do not give the hand of our daughter in the hands of unknown or bad people then how can we give our state our country to such people,” he asks.

“For marriage of our daughter, we collect information about the family of the groom, his own education, earning capability and character. Some of us hire detectives for the purpose. But do we do even a fraction of such search and research work when we choose our lawmakers our representatives?” asks Sahil and appeals people to be sincere in this case also.