So tweet! Three days old and already on Twitter

By Alkesh Sharma, IANS,

Jalandhar (Punjab) : Inayat is just three days old and already has a Twitter account. Her early debut comes as no surprise as she was born to a couple here who have a penchant for tweeting and didn’t stop even on the day of her birth!

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Inayat’s parents have been active on the social networking site, sharing their experience of parenthood with friends and relatives right from the day she was conceived.

Inayat’s mother Gursimran Kaur and father Sumit Aneja kept relatives posted about the pregnancy on Twitter. Kaur gave birth to Inayat Monday.

“I am active on Twitter and social networking sites for the last two years as it helps remain connected with friends and relatives. Tweeting about my pregnancy experiences helped me in getting very helpful feedback from people,” Kaur, 23, a freelance web and graphic designer, told IANS Thursday.

“Through tweeting, I got big help from so many people during my pregnancy. Like there was a gynaecologist follower, giving useful tips and advice to me. Then there were many people sharing their personal experiences with me and giving me mental support.”

Kaur’s pregnancy was a complicated case and she had to undergo an operation to give birth to the baby. She is still in a private hospital here for recuperation.

“I was in fact very overwhelmed as people were praying for me, posting messages and helping me to remain patient and calm,” she said.

“It was a complicated case and I was admitted to the hospital in emergency. I gave birth through caesarian. Even when I was in the operation theatre, my husband was sharing the experiences and circumstances on Twitter on my behalf.

“The moment my child was brought out of the operation theatre, he posted her picture and shared his emotions and feelings,” she said.

“We are very enthusiastic followers of Twitter. Throughout the day, we are online and tweeting with friends, even while waiting at the traffic signal we continue tweeting,” Sumit Aneja, an entrepreneur who is conducting research in electric vehicles, told IANS.

“We remain in touch with our friends and other people through Twitter during all occasions, so how can we exclude this most important part of our life. Newborn Inayat also has a Twitter account.”

Inayat is their second child. Their first born, two-year-old daughter Nehmat, also has a Twitter account and already has a large number of followers.