First Hajj flight from Kerala on 21 October

By TCN Staff Writer,

Malappuram: The first flight carrying Hajj pilgrims from Kerala this year will fly from Karipur airport on October 21, 2010. This year two flights will take off daily to carry more than 8,000 Hajj aspirants from the state to Saudi Arabia. The last flight from here is scheduled on 4th November 2010.

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Kerala Haj Committee Chairman P.T.A. Rahim informed media that this year larger airplanes will be on the service unlike last year. “Last year aircrafts with the capacity of 230 passengers were used which created problems for the passengers as well as the Haj committee and volunteers” he has been quoted as saying.

Though the Kerala Hajj Committee has selected 8192 candidates for 2010 Hajj trip, Mr. Rahim has hope to get more seats from reserved seats of Central Hajj Committee. He also said that in case the state got seats from resaved seats, preference will be given to those above 60 years of age and were not selected despite applying in last three years.

Notably, Hajj Committee of India has got 11000 additional seats this year. Of them only 1441 seats have been distributed so far while rest of them is reserved by the Centre.

The returning of the state Hajis from Saudi Arabia will begin from December 1 and the last flight will come on December 15.