A workshop on Sufi literature and social responsibility

By TCN News,

New Delhi: A workshop on the issue of “Sufi Literature and Social Responsibility” is being organized on November 20-21, 2010 (Sat/Sunday) by Ektara India.

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Ektara India (www.ektara.org) is a group of media and arts professionals based in Delhi, India, involved in many activities of culture, arts, research and peacemaking.

In a time when listening to Sufi music and qawwali becomes more and more trendy, this workshop will try to analyze and appreciate Sufi music in the larger perspective of social relevance.

Could Sufi music help people learn ways to coexist in today’s multicultural society? Does it have a social relevance in today’s life or is it just some meditative chanting that provides peace and tranquility to an individual in today’s stressful urban life? These are the few questions which the workshop will explore.

Several scholars, music practitioners and media professionals like Madan Gopal Singh, Atmaram, Yousuf Saeed, Dhruv Sangari and others will participate in this intensive workshop.

The workshop is open for all who have an interest in Sufi poetry, music and Qawwali.

Ektara India would also present a certificate of participation to each participant. More information regarding registration for the workshop can be taken from the website of Ektara India www.ektara.org.