Serial killer of 25 Pakistani women arrested

By Awais Saleem, IANS,

Islamabad : Police in Sialkot city of Pakistan have arrested a serial killer on charges of robbing and murdering 25 elderly women over the last year, Express TV reported.

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Police said the accused Muhammad Yousaf had admitted to murdering 25 women. “I used to approach them with an offer to double their money. After trapping them in this manner, I used to take them to areas where there was nobody around,” he informed the police.

The accused also revealed that he “used to stone these women to death before making off with the valuables and other belongings in their possession”.

“I only targeted elderly woman because they were mostly simpletons,” police quoted him as saying.

The accused used to live in Bahrain before he moved to Gujranwala in Pakistan. He told police that he had rented a place in Adalat Nagar area of Sialkot for such activities.

The accused would be presented in court Thursday.

Gujranwala division has one of the highest crime rates among the districts of Pakistan.

Moreover, reports of females being subjected to torture and robbery have figured in the local media since a long time.

“We managed to arrest him (Yousaf) after tracking him through specially-tasked informers who roamed the area,” a police officer said.

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