Welcome back Egypt, wait for my book ‘Revolution 2.0’, tweets Ghonim


Cairo: Google executive Wael Ghonim, one of the principal organisers of the massive anti-Hosni Mubarak protests which resulted in the long-serving Egyptian president finally stepping down Friday night, tweeted his exultation: “Welcome back Egypt”. He also asked his followers to wait for his upcoming book “Revolution 2.0”.

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For his followers, he tweeted: “Wait for my book soon: Revolution 2.0 #jan25”, a reference to his description of the huge protests against Mubarak as an “Internet revolution”. He had told CNN International Thursday he will term the uprising: “I’m — I — I’ll — I’ll call it Revolution 2.0.”

Ghonim was mostly irreverent in his tweets Friday night, with his profile photo showing a caricature of him sitting holding a laptop while dressed as a scribe of the Pharaoic era.

“Mubarak said he will be running for presidency in Tunisia and millions of Tunisians are calling for Bin Ali to return”, he tweeted five minutes after a call for the ousted leader to face justice.

“The money Mubarak and his family stole out of the Egyptian people should go to families of martyrs and to reconstruct Egypt,” posted Ghonim, who has 60,610 followers on Twitter and over 4,000 tweets till now.

Just before that, he noted: “The age of the top 5 officials in Egypt sums up to 460 Years. Muhamed Hafez”.

Just as the news of Mubarak’s quitting broke, he tweeted: “Welcome back Egypt #Jan25” and “The real hero is the young Egyptians in Tahrir square and the rest of Egypt #Jan25”

Ghonim, who mysteriously went missing Jan 28 and was released by the authorities Feb 7, told CNN Thursday that they had planned a revolution.

“Yes, we did.”

“The plan was to — to get everyone on the street. Number one is that we’re going to start from, you know, poor areas. Our — our demands are going to be all about what touches people’s daily lives.”