Kashmir subscribers to call 1900 for switching operator

By IANs,

New Delhi : As SMSes are not allowed for pre-paid mobile connections in Jammu and Kashmir, subscribers will have to call 1900 to receive a ‘unique porting code’ required for switching from one operator to another, the telecom department said in a statement.

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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, which Prime Minister manmohan singh inaugurated for the entire country Thursday, now allows a customer to switch from one operator firm to another without changing his mobile number.

“In view of the fact that the SMS is not allowed for pre-paid mobile connection in Jammu and Kashmir, it has been decided that for the purpose of generation of unique porting code, the subscribers may be asked to call 1900 instead of sending SMS,” the telecom department said.

“The licensee shall make necessary arrangements for receiving calls for 1900,” it added.

The service provider will provide the subscriber the porting code after verifying his number. The operator will also maintain a record of all the porting codes issued along with the mobile number and date of issuance.

The porting time in Jammu and Kashmir would be 15 working days, as opposed to seven days in other parts of the country.

To avail the service, a customer will have to pay a maximum of Rs.19 to the new operator for ‘porting’ the number. The customer then has to remain with the new operator for at least three months.