Internet a primary source of information: IT Expert


Islamabad : A Pakistani Information Technology (IT) expert on Thursday said that internet has become primary source of information any where in the world.

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Talking to IRNA, Raza Pervaiz professor of IT department and network administrator, National University of Modern Languages, said that use of internet is growing rapidly in Pakistan which is very positive.

“However I think that there is need to develop a mechanism in Islamic countries to block unethical material available on the internet”, he suggested.

Head of the UN’s telecommunications agency, Hamadoun Toure has said that the number of Internet users worldwide has reached the two billion mark.

‘At the beginning of the year 2000 there were only 500 million mobile subscriptions globally and 250 million Internet users,’ he said.

‘By the beginning of this year 2011 those numbers have mushroomed to over five billion mobile users and two billion subscribers to the Internet,’ Toure added.

Raza Pervaiz commenting over the statement of Hamadoun Toure said that no doubt internet has become the hub of current information and it is good to see that internet users are growing so rapidly in the world.

“If we talk about Pakistan internet usage is increasing very fast in urban areas of the country”, he said.

There are 20,350,000 Internet users in Pakistan as of June/10, 11.5% penetration and Pakistan is among the five countries of Asia in terms of increased penetration of mobile phones, internet and broadband.

Internet access has been available in Pakistan since the early 1990s.

The country has been pursuing an aggressive IT policy, aimed at boosting Pakistan’s drive for economic modernization and creating an exportable software industry.

Most Pakistani companies, Educational institutes and government departments maintain web sites which has further increased the demand for internet.

“In Pakistan we have been experiencing rapid growth of internet usage among students”, said the researcher.

He said that it is good to see that people in Pakistan are using social networking sites which help them share their opinions with other people.

Raza Pervaiz, expressing his opinion, said that in developing countries internet should be promoted so that the people of these countries could use the internet for their benefits.

The number of fixed broadband internet subscriptions in the world passed half a billion mark for the first time in 2010, reaching 555 million, while the number of mobile broadband subscriptions surged to 940 million.