Mumbai blast: Punch on the face of the intelligence agencies

By Navaid Hamid

The ghastly terror attacks on the Mumbaikars in the late evening of and after 959 days since the events of 26/11, with in span of ten minutes, of the economic capital of the emerging power of Asia reminds all Indians about our failures to effectively prevent the enemies who assault Indians.

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Once again the country and the Mumbaikars have been reminded with a clear message that as nation we have failed to check the nefarious designs of those who wish to throw challenges to us – Indians.

We, unfortunatley, have failed to confront the forces of destabilisation with vigour and decisiveness. The loss of dozens of precious lives and wounding of the innocents has also exposed weaknesses of our intelligence network and ubdoubtly the serial blasts are a punch on the face of intelligence agencies.

The aim of the deplorable acts of terror might be to create distrust, confusion & ill feeling between fellow citizens on one hand and between citizens and the government on the other.

At this hour of grief and hurt, let us unite to fight together the forces of destabilisation and enemies of the nation with zeal, courage and commitment and remember the effected in our prayers.

Navaid Hamid is a member of the National Integration Council.