SP leader Rasheed Masood unhappy with some Muslim candidates of his party

By Faisal Fareed, TwoCircles.net,

Lucknow: While Samajwadi Party (SP) supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is leaving no stone unturned for garnering Muslim votes in coming elections, party’s senior Muslim leader Rasheed Masood has opened a front against the candidature of several Muslim candidates.

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Rajya Sabha member Masood, who is being sidelined in the party with the re-entry of Azam Khan, has even claimed to part ways if Mulayam does not mend his ways. “I know that most of the candidates from Muslim dominated areas declared by the party will lose. It is better that Mulayam makes amendments in the list,” said Masood while talking over the phone. A former union minister Masood claims that he has personally intimated Mulayam about his resentment and submitted a list of seats where candidates should be changed. “I am sure that they will change the candidates else the party will be routed in the next elections,” he said.

Over his possible parting ways with Mulayam, he claimed that presently there are no such plans but nothing can be ruled out. “If the party thinks that I am not useful for them they will show me the door and I have to plan my own things. Nothing can be said about the future,” said Masood.

Rasheed Masood is sulking over increasing interference of Azam Khan in the party. Masood was against candidature of Mohd Umar, the son-in-law of Delhi’s Shahi Imam Bukhari from Behat in Saharanpur. Several of his supporters have been denied tickets with Azam Khan having the last laugh. “I am not worried about Saharanpur area and will take care of the elections. Even if it means going against the official party candidate,” said Masood.

Masood has been recently demoted in the national executive of the party. From being party’s Vice-President in the past, he is now merely a member. On the other hand, Azam Khan regained his lost status of national general secretary. “These things are immaterial for me as they are not permanent. My opposition is against the sycophant and double speaking people of the party. They are harming the interest of the party and misguiding the top leadership,” he said reacting over Azam Khan’s growing stature in the party.