No BJP candidate against VS Achuthanandan: UDF accuses LDF of alliance with BJP

By TCN News,

Alappuzha: The absence of BJP candidate in Malampuzha where Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan is contesting has created a new issue in the election atmosphere in Kerala. The UDF has accused the LDF of having a secret alliance with the BJP while the LDF denies it. Meanwhile, the BJP leadership yesterday came up with an explanation that the party had given the seat to JD-U.

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That the BJP is not fielding any candidate in Malampuzha is the strong proof of the growing BJP-CPI (M) alliance, said Mr Ramesh Chennithala. The alliance which had been there during the local body polls is strengthening now. Opposition Leader Oommen Chandi said that the alliance was similar to the national level alliance of both parties. He referred to the growth of the BJP in the national level after the CPI (M) cooperated with it to support the VP Singh government.

The BJP did not field its candidate in Malampuzha constituency as part of its alliance with the Janatha Dal United, said party state president V Muraleedharan. The JD-U, which is an NDA ally in the national level, asked that seat, and so the BJP did not field its candidate there. Both the CPI (M) and the Congress are opponents for the BJP in Kerala. He added that the accusations were raised by the Congress out of fear of losing the election.

Meanwhile, doubts are rising on who will benefit from the withdrawal of the BJP from the scene. Since BJP reportedly enjoys good support in Malampuzha, its explanation is received with more doubts. Both the LDF and the UDF have accused each other of having secret alliance with the BJP. The party had performed well in many panchayats in the local body polls held recently. And the BJP had always been accused of selling votes in the past elections, in favour of either the LDF or the UDF in different times.

Some moves and comments of VS Achuthanandan had brought him to the good book of the Sangh Parivar, according to reports. At a time when the students of Malappuram district made good progress in the education field, with a good percentage winning the 10th standard examination and many bagging top ranks in the professional entrance exams, Mr Achuthanandan reportedly said that the students of Malappuram were winning by copying. In the issue of the love-jihad also, he made a controversial statement that some forces were trying to make Kerala a Muslim-majority state by all means including increasing population by even marrying non-Muslims. All these have been welcomed by the BJP and other Hindutva groups.