House panel may complete work on Lokpal bill soon: Singhvi


New Delhi : The parliamentary standing committee examining the Lokpal bill will complete its work “soon”, panel chairman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said Sunday.

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Stating that giving a fixed timeline would be against parliamentary traditions, Singhvi said he would like the work to be over by early December.

“I had stoutly refused to set a timeline and a deadline, because I think it is contrary to parliamentary procedure and etiquette. But certainly given our speed and given our progress, you can see that we are doing our very best and I certainly would want to have something concrete before early part of December,” he said.

Consultation with representatives from all sections of society was over and the committee was now in deliberations, Singhvi said, adding that he was open to all suggestions including those from Team Anna, and can go out of way to incorporate some of them if they make the bill stronger.

“I am very clear and open in going against the government draft in some areas where I find the reasoning and logic of team Anna compelling. So I have a completely open mind,” he said.

Team Anna has been demanding for the passage of the Lokpal bill in parliament’s winter session, which ends Dec 21. Anna Hazare has also threatened to go on another fast from Dec 21 if the bill is not passed.