Mayawati ignores Muslim-dominated Sambhal as headquarters of Bheem Nagar

By Faisal Fareed,,

Lucknow: With high aims Chief Minister (CM) Mayawati carved out smaller districts in Uttar Pradesh. However, all did not go well with her plans. Her act for reaping rich election benefits has landed her in a catch-22 situation. The case in point is regarding the recently created Bheem Nagar district.

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The district includes some Muslim dominated areas like Sambhal and Chandausi. As the new district came into existence on Thursday, instead of rejoicing it triggered a debate among the local denizens. The issue which started off from a road side pan shop has reached new height. It is related to the district headquarters of the new district Bheem Nagar. Both the residents of Chandausi and Sambhal are rigid in their stand that the district headquarters should be in their areas. The issue turned political with all local politicians worth their name backing area’s demand. Caught in a piquant situation, the government finally decided to take a middle route. It was announced on Friday that the district headquarters will be at Bahjoi, situated at equidistance from both Sambhal and Chandausi. However, it also boomeranged with no takers and there was a flash strike in the area. The impromptu action witnessed unprecedented support and all shops downed their shutters. All government and non government offices were closed. Protestors even damaged some roadways buses. All the protestors remained on road and all major crossings.

Meanwhile news reached that Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Shafeequr Rehman Barq, BSP’s Sambhal Co-ordinator Ziyaur Rehman Barq along with government’s emissary and non conventional energy minister for the state Haji Akbar Hussain are returning from Lucknow to have parleys with them. Shafeequr Rehman Barq on reaching the spot categorically stated that Sambhal will be the district headquarterss. Buckling under public pressure Haji Akbar Hussain also toed the same line. The announcement triggered a fresh wave of protest among the residents of Chandausi who are now lobbying.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commissioner had to announce that the new district headquarters will be situated between Bahjoi-Panwasa. Till the infrastructure is completed the DM and SP will function from Bahjoi. The guest houses of PWD and Mandi Department and other government offices have been taken over for this purpose. The permanent district headquarters will be between Bahjoi-Panwasa.