Muslim cleric, who offered cap to Modi, seeks security cover

By TCN Staff Reporter,

Ahmedabad: The Imam, who offered Narendra Modi a skullcap during his Sadbhavana fast last week, has written to the Kheda district police for providing him security because he said he is being threatened by various elements for his comment that Modi insulted Islam by refusing to wear the cap.

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Saiyad Imam Shahi Saiyad is from Thasra in Kheda district of Gujarat. He is Sajjadanashin at Khanqh-e-Imamshahi Dargah in Rustampura. He had gone to greet Narendra Modi at the Gujarat University Convention hall during Modi’s 3-day (Sept.17-19) Sadbhavana fast and offered him a Muslim cap but Modi had refused to wear it asking him to offer a shawl instead.

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Saiyad Imam said that after the incident he has been threatened for his anti-Modi remarks. Therefore, he sent an application to the police to provide him security.

The Imam had said that Modi’s refusal to wear Muslim’s skullcap is an insult to religion of Islam. “I did not go there as a member of the BJP or the Congress but as a religious leader. His refusal to wear skullcap is not an insult to me but to the religion Islam,” he was quoted as saying in media.

The Imam, however, did not explain if a skullcap is part of Islam or how refusing to wear a skullcap by a Modi or a maulana be insult to Islam? But one thing is certain: As far as harmony is concerned Modi’s refusal to wear Muslim skullcap but happily wear pagri offered by others, has spoiled his claimed exercise for communal harmony.