Expected 24/7, feel Indian public sector employees


Mumbai : Over 70 percent public sector employees in India feel their employer expects them to be available at all times compared to those who work in private organisations, says the Randstad Workmonitor Survey 2012 – Wave 1.

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According to the latest findings, 72 percent employees working in the government sector felt their employer expects them to be available at all times.

“This is far higher than the sentiment felt by those who work in private organisations (59 percent),” the survey said.

The survey also shows that work life and private life are intertwined for a vast majority of the Indian workforce. Around 80 percent of employees surveyed said they receive work-related phone calls and e-mails outside of office hours.

“Out of the total workforce surveyed, 69 percent said they voluntarily handle work related matters during private time, and a significant 79 percent of employees said they receive work related phone calls and e-mails while on holiday,” the survey said.

“This suggests that there is a definite challenge for employees in handling work-life balance,” it added.

Commenting on the findings, E. Balaji, MD & CEO of Ma Foi Randstad, said: “Technology has to a large extent increased work efficiency, but the downside is that it has also simultaneously created a 24/7 intrusion in the private lives of employees.”

“Western economies have understood the significance of work-life balance and the employers there have consciously created processes to address this challenge,” he added.

Balaji said this trend is now catching up in our country and employers have started recognising the significance of providing a good work-life balance and are focusing on the well-being of their employees.