Oslo court verdict in Indian couple’s case Tuesday


New Delhi : The judgement in a case related to an Indian couple charged with repeated maltreatment of their child will be pronounced Tuesday in the Oslo District Court, Norway’s official website reported Monday.

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Oslo police have arrested the Indian techie and his wife on charges of scolding their seven-year-old child.

The case of the couple, from Andhra Pradesh state, was heard earlier this week, during which the prosecution had proposed a 15-month sentence for the mother, and 18-months for the father.

The couple have been remanded in custody, as there is reason to fear that they will evade prosecution by returning to India.

The Court of Appeal heard the defence’s appeal and the judgment was scheduled to be pronounced in Oslo District Court Monday but it was postponed by a day.

It all started after V Chandrasekhar of Hyderabad was posted to Oslo. He left with his wife, Anupama, and their two minor children, Sai Sriram and Abhiram.

In February, their son Sriram urinated in school and was allegedly scolded by them back at home. A few days later the child urinated again in the school. But he told his teachers that he was scared of his parents’ scolding.

On this, authorities in Norway, governed by strict child welfare laws, approached the Norway Child Protective Service (NCPS), which promptly took the boy into its custody while serving notices to the couple.

Oslo authorities later found that the little boy was hyperactive and required more care from his parents, who had returned to India this July.

When the boy’s father Chandrasekhar returned to Oslo for work in October, the authorities summoned him for a hearing. He along with his wife appeared before the hearing committe this week when they were arrested.