Modi’s bete noire – Joshi fears for his life, writes to Chidambaram


New Delhi: Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sanjay Joshi, known as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s bete noire, Monday said he feared for his life and also wrote to Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram asking for adequate security.

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Joshi, his aide said, had written that he had been receiving death threats from an unknown caller for the past few weeks and should be given security.

Joshi also enclosed a threatening letter he had recieved. This letter, a copy of which is with IANS, reads that Joshi has been creating troubles for the writer’s boss and would be killed if he did not stop.

The threatening letter is unsigned but Joshi, in his complaint, has said that it is written by one Rasool Khan.

“Your activities have increased, which is troubling me. Now you will ask who I am. Then I must tell you I happen to be your and your organisation, RSS’, father. The way you are creating hurdles for our boss is not right. If you create more trouble, you will be killed,” the threatening letter reads.

Joshi, in his complaint to Chidambaram has also given details of mobile numbers of callers who thrice made threatening calls to him last week.

Joshi was forced to resign from the national executive of the BJP in May after Modi refused to attend the meeting. He subsequently quit the party June 8.